How to Maintain Concrete Patios in Orange County

Concrete is an affordable, attractive, and durable flooring option for any patio. Though concrete offers better durability than asphalt or wood, it will crack and wear out over time. However, you can delay such effects with proper maintenance.

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A properly installed and well-maintained concrete surface will last for decades. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your concrete patios in Orange County.

Clean Regularly

You need to clean concrete to keep it looking good. Cleaning helps to remove dirt and debris, giving the decorative finish or concrete overlays an attractive look. We recommend using a pressure washer or garden hose to wash away dirt, debris, or other foreign contaminants every week or two.

Seal the Concrete

Sealers protect your concrete from early corrosion and extend your patio’s life. We recommend sealing concrete driveways, garage floors, or other concrete surfaces every two or three years. However, you may have to reapply the sealer sooner if you notice the color fading or sheen disappearing.

Remove Stains Immediately

You can use a broom and liquid soap to scrub away bird droppings or spills, then rinse with water. If your concrete stains from food spills, grease, or something else, try to clean up the spill as soon as possible. Dealing with concrete stains as soon as they happen helps prevent staining or discoloration.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Steer clear of harsh chemicals. For example, fertilizers can stain concrete, so try to remove any spillage or excess from your concrete immediately.

Certain chemicals can also work through the sealer and harm the concrete. Before using any products on concrete, read the instructions thoroughly.

Use Rugs

People choose concrete for its resistance to scratches. However, furniture legs can scratch the sealant on your concrete floor and eventually damage the surface. You can use rugs and soft tabs to protect the surface and avoid damage.

Manage Plant Growth

Poorly managed tree and bush roots can compromise the integrity of concrete patios in Orange County. Invasive roots will grow beneath the concrete and cause it to crack. Manage plant growth and remove plants that develop extensive root systems to prevent root damage.

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With the tips mentioned above, you now know how to maintain concrete patios in Orange County.

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