Reasons to Choose Concrete Patios in Altamonte Springs

With so many options available, choosing a material for your patio may be overwhelming. Each material has pros and cons, but concrete stands out for its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

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Keep reading to see why concrete continues to gain popularity for exterior surfaces and why you’ll likely see more and more concrete patios in Altamonte Springs.


When you need a durable material for your patio, concrete tops the extensive range of options available on the market today. With basic maintenance and care, concrete can last for several decades. In addition, a concrete patio offers superior structural integrity that can withstand harsh weather, heavy traffic, outdoor furniture, and pet activity.

Easy to Maintain

Stone is often challenging to clean, wood rots, and pavers need constant readjusting. However, concrete surfaces need little maintenance to maintain their appearance and durability. Many property owners opt for concrete patios in Altamonte Springs because of the effortless maintenance.

To clean your concrete patio, simply spray it down with a garden hose or power washer, then use mild soap and a broom to clean off any dirt and debris. Once you rinse the soap, the patio should look as good as new.


Concrete patios have a relatively low initial cost per square foot than wooden decks or paving stones. Thanks to the ease of installation, it also has relatively low labor costs. Additionally, concrete requires only a small amount of sealant every couple of years, whereas wood requires annual sealing.


If treated correctly, concrete resists mold and other allergens. Properly installed concrete also eliminates uneven surfaces, creating a stable area where outdoor furniture will be less likely to fall or topple over. You can even make your concrete patio skid-resistant, a critical factor to consider when creating an exposed entertainment area.

Improves Curb Appeal

Combining the benefits listed above adds up to an excellent way of adding value to your property. Investing in an aesthetically appealing, safe, low maintenance, and durable concrete patio positively impacts your home.

Great for Altamonte Springs Residents

Altamonte Springs is a suburban city in Central Florida, about eight miles north of Orlando and 82 miles northeast of Tampa. The city boasts a modern uptown featuring diverse dining options, hotels, shopping complexes, and entertainment spots. The city’s unique blend of exciting activities and community spirit help create an ideal environment for both residents and visitors.

Concrete patios look great for residential and commercial properties in Altamonte Springs. As fellow Floridians, we proudly serve the Altamonte Springs area and our neighbors!

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